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The Results Company creates winning communications and outreach strategies for businesses and organizations at the local, state and federal levels. We are adept at identifying stakeholders and concentrating them into powerful networks that can be quickly mobilized to help achieve our clients’ objectives. 


TRC provides clients with the necessary skills and political intelligence to best leverage relationships with

key decision-makers at all levels. We partner with corporate clients and business executives at all levels

to provide strategy and counsel for engagement in the public arena. 


TRC clients were at the forefront helping shape the debate in NC that resulted in the most comprehensive

state-level tax reform in the country.


Chuck Fuller understands business, loves politics, and knows how they intersect. He’s managed businesses as well as federal, state, and local campaigns. Today, Fuller combines his experience in both the public and private arenas by advising senior executives on how to promote a more business-friendly climate while navigating through the minefields of government and politics.

Fuller serves as a close confidante to business executives and their challenging outward facing role -- working together for their businesses and the common good of North Carolinians.

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Chuck Fuller

Chief Executive Officer

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Sydney DeLancey

Special Assistant to the CEO

Sydney McDaniel DeLancey serves as the Special Assistant to the President of The Results Company. In her role with TRC, Sydney works closely with the President on special projects.


Before joining TRC in 2021, Sydney spent over five years working in North Carolina State Government working for the N.C. Land and Water Fund. Sydney received her degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University in 2016.

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Chad Thomas

Project Manager

Chad Thomas joined TRC in 2021 following 30 years of service inside the North Carolina state government. 

Thomas has a Master of Science degree in Fisheries Biology from Tennessee Technological University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from North Carolina State University.

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Mason Phipps

Project Manager, Coalitions

Mason Phipps is a communications and public relations operator with experience working with both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Before joining The Results Company, Phipps achieved valuable public affairs and project management experience in Charleston, South Carolina, under the guidance of United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Edward T. McMullen, Jr. 

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Cyndi Tomblin

Executive Administrator

Cyndi Tomblin is the Results Company's Executive Administrator. Tomblin brings many years of experience in corporate administration to TRC. 

Tomblin has over thirty-five years of experience in the Hospitality industry covering a wide range of both operational and corporate positions. Prior to working with the Alliance, she spent over 22 years working with Summit Hospitality Group. Tomblin is known for her ability to adapt and to step into whatever role is needed to help the organization accomplish its objectives.


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Mike Rusher


Mike Rusher is a seasoned public affairs professional skilled in project organization, management, and strategy, state politics, and governmental affairs. Rusher has quickly excelled within every organizational structure in which he’s been involved. Now, Rusher successfully applies his experience through a strategic approach to public affairs consulting and project development.


In 2019, Rusher was appointed to the inaugural Town of Apex Environmental Advisory Board. In 2021, Rusher was appointed as a Trustee to the North Carolina Land and Water Fund (formerly named North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund). 

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Danielle Plourd

Project Management Coordinator

Danielle Plourd is a policy and communications aficionado who has worked inside state government and the broadcast media industry. Plourd brings valued public affairs, communications, and operations experience to all project clients of The Results Company. 

Prior to joining TRC in 2019, Plourd stood out as a top talent in the N.C. Senate for policy research and developing communications for her freshman member. At TRC Danielle focuses on projects, strategy, and communications.


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Tim Wigginton

Project Manager, Communications

Tim Wigginton is an experienced communications professional.

Previously Tim served as the Vice President of Video at America Rising Corporation, leading
efforts across the country, including competitive U.S. House and Senate elections.


During the 2020 election cycle, Tim served as the Communications Director for the North Carolina Republican Party.

Tim brings years of experience working on political campaigns and communications efforts on the Federal and State levels to The Results Company.

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Graham Whitaker

Project Manager

Graham Whitaker is a seasoned policy and grassroots veteran who spent over seven years in the North Carolina General Assembly. Graham is currently the Director of the North Carolina Hospitality Alliance. 

As Director of NCHA, Graham's primary focuses are tracking legislation at the General Assembly that pertains to School Calendar Guidelines and North Carolina Occupancy Tax Guidelines as well as championing the organization's fundraising efforts. 


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