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Mike Rusher is a seasoned public affairs professional skilled in project organization, management and strategy, state politics and governmental affairs. Rusher has quickly excelled within every organizational structure of which he’s been involved. Now, Rusher successfully applies his experience through a strategic approach to public affairs consulting and project development.

Rusher gained a unique perspective being born and raised in his family's auto repair business, working his way through college, and quickly up the career ladder of a political campaign operative and strategist. But the early successes he experienced with small businesses, mentorships while in school and interning with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce framed his approach to problem solving in the shared space of business, politics and policy. 

The bulk of Rusher's small business management experience came while completing his bachelor’s degree, working under a general contractor and later managing a motorcycle sales and repair shop. After managing his first campaign for the North Carolina House of Representatives, Rusher worked his way up through the State Republican Party, from volunteer to State Director, before moving up to the role of Chief of Staff. In between campaign cycles, Rusher was selected to take on the role of Constituent Legislative Affairs Director for the North Carolina State Senate Leader on the heels of the historic 2010 elections. 

Rusher later joined the communications team at the North Carolina environmental department to take head on public relations strategy for the most contentious and complex environmental issues facing the state. Rusher was later selected as the agency's Communications Director where he served into early 2017 before joining The Results Company. In 2019, Rusher was appointed to the inaugural Town of Apex Environmental Advisory Board. In 2021, Rusher was appointed as a Trustee to the North Carolina Land and Water Fund (formerly named North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund). 

A first-generation college graduate, Rusher graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Political Science and concentration in State Government.  He resides in Apex, NC "The Peak of Good Living," with his wife and daughter and thoroughly enjoys DIY home projects, watching football, and yard-work. You can also find Rusher on Twitter at @mjrusher. 

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